Roman Ruler Assassinated

By Giuseppe Croce

The statue of Julius in Capitoline, Rome is shown above

ROME- Today, March 15, also known as the Ides , Ruler , Julius Caesar was assassinated by counsel members such as Cassius and Brutus. He had once thought that the two were on his side. He was stabbed twenty three times while in the theatre of Pompey and soon was pronounced dead. He has given the role of emperor to his nephew, Octavian.

" I hope that Octavian is a fair ruler, just as Julius was." Hoped Francesco, a business owner interviewed.

Julius was born in 100 BC into an aristocrat family.  His real name was actually Gaius Julius Caesar. When he was seventeen he married his late wife Cornelia. She died in 68 BC. They had also had a daughter named Julia.

He was much into and involved in politics. Julius soon became the governor of the Roman Gaul, he defeated republican forces. Later, he then ruled Rome from 46 BC until he was  assassinated today.

They are now creating a statue in Capitoline,Rome in his honor.

Michelle, a citizen who helped build the statue stated," I was such a sad ending, for such a wonderful ruler,".

This is Map of Rome

Sports and Entertainment

In Rome there is more work than Leisure otherwise known as Otium. Some of the different activities Romans watch or participate in are Swimming, board games, theater, and athletics.  The most used recreational area is Campus Martius which was a flood plain used as a playground. In the recreational area there is a swimming pool which is a favorite for Roman boys. Wrestling and boxing are also popular and are practiced in Palaestra which is center field in the Roman Baths. They don't have gloves therefore, they wrap their hands in cloth for protection. Only boys are allowed to run races. The popular watched events are chariot races and fighting in the Colosseum.

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