How to cope with life.

Most of the time you could listen to music to make yourself feel better. Typically not sad music because that won't help much.r

Some people aren't so familiar with music. Some people can work out or play a sport to take your mind off of the sadness

Some people aren't into working out or listening to music but the other percentage love writing or drawing. It takes things off your mind and also helps with your writing and drawing talents.

One thing I'm thankful for is my family because without FAMILY I wouldn't be where I'm at toda.

Second thing I'm thankful for is my ability to be a hard worked and be determined to get things finished and work hard to make sure I can do the best I can at it.

Third thing Im thankful is my athleticness because I'm in shape and I'm healthy and that's a good thing to have when you're young and in sports.

The fourth thing I'm thankful for is having a roof over my head because most people do not have a roof over their head and on cold nights have no where to go.

The fifth thing I'm thankful for is my friends because when you're having a bad day they're always there to make you laugh and cheer you up and keep your head up throughout the day.