6 Cultural Geography Questions

By: John Hodsdon

        1-  What groups are involved, who had the power?

        2-   How the balance of power shifted and why?

        3-   How was cooperation and conflict shown in the game (violence/corruption/war)?

        4-   What role did the US have on the simulation?

        5-  What happens to a country when power shifts, is the effect positive or negative?

        6-  Apply this information to YOUR LIFE! What relationships do you have in your life, how are cooperation and conflict evident? Provide a minimum of 2 examples.


        1. The groups were the Army and Wealthy, Guatemala Government, Peasants, Guerillas, and the U.S.A. The power started with the army and wealthy, but then America took over and raided the country. The U.S. took control of the government and set up a democratic election. The newly elected president gained back the power of his country under the U.S. control.

        2. The power shifted when America took control of the country. Then the power shifted again when the country elected a new democratic president.

        3.  The cooperation was when the different groups were trying to make treaties. The conflict was when the U.S. took control of the country and put the guerillas in jail.

        4. The U.S. took over the country put the guerillas in jail then they made the Army and Wealthy an offer to either die or join their army and then set up a democratic election.

        5.  Negative because we were all trying to take out the Army and Wealthy and then the U.S. took over and made everyone take orders from them and more or less dictated the country even though they set up a election.

        6. Me and my parents cooperate when we are trying to decide what I should do around the house. Me and my sister have conflict when we decide who should get the tv.

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