Some problems are that parents don’t have money to get electronics. So their children don’t get to use electronics there learning might not be as great as the children with electronics. If the kids that don’t have as much money might get a electronic and drop it and have to pay money. So theres a cheaper solution but it still involves money.

something that can help the money expense is that the children can get an device that is cheaper so that everyone can learn the same. One of the options is an Chromebook. Chromebooks are cheaper than an iPad or an laptop.

text structure #2

when you get your Chromebook you probably want to make it your own. when I got my Chromebook the first thing I thought about was decorating.I could not wait to get a case to decorate the case. you also can change you back ground. I wanted to put diamonds and stickers on my skin it is awesome. some kid decorate there chargers on there Chromebook with stickers and thanks like that. It might be fun to you. Make sure you don't glue anything any on your Chromebook you need to glue it your case.

Text structure #3

I think that it is really cool how our school has Chromebooks and iPads. We are really lucky to get to use both of them. But I would rather use iPads.

The reason why I would rather use iPads is because I am better at using touch screens, and I also think that iPads are easier for me to use.

Chromebooks are very cool to use because you can do all your homework and school work on them. They are also cool because you can play games and get music, for example Pandora and YouTube. Like the Chromebook you can listen to music and play games on the iPad. In the end, I would rather use an iPad.

Text structure #4

When you do inappropriate things on school devices, {your Chromebook} you probably think that you're going to get away with it. Your teacher canThere are so many many consequences when it comes to a school device. It just so happens that a couple years ago that Liberty Public School Districts brought Chromebooks to our school and many others in Liberty. At first it was just the fifth graders getting to use them but last year the school decided to give them to third and fourth graders so you h find out what you did on the Chromebook even though you think your teachers can’t find out what you did. You have so have many consciences for doing bad things.Some of the big consciences are going to Dr.Palmer or to Mrs. Lawson’s office. some of the minor consequences are sitting in the safe-seat clipping down or going to a buddy room. Some of the bad things that kids do is looking up inappropriate backgrounds or inappropriate music.

Text structure

1.When you get your Chromebook you need to put the case on it.

2. Then open you Chromebook when told to. If it does not turn on hit the power button

3.then sign in with email and password

4. Then once you get sing in you push the little squares

5.Once you push the squares push camera and take you picture

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