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Parker Steam and Hot Water Boilers

The purchase of a Parker Boiler assures not only the ultimate in quality and safety but also a complete ready to install packaged unit, including all controls and trim mounted and wired, ready for connection to utilities. The installation is predictable and the boiler is easy to repair. The atmospheric model does not require the expensive blowers, complicated controls or burner adjustments that plague many systems. Parker Boiler is a proven industry leader with their low NOx premix technology and heavy duty metal fiber burners. Staggered tubes permit maximum heat transfer, lower stack temperatures and more economical operation. The ASME steel tube bundle is extremely flexible and offers a long life with a 20 year warranty against thermal shock. No Parker Boiler has ever been known to experience an internal explosion in their 86 year history.

QuikWater 99% Efficient Direct Contact Water Heaters

QuikWater’s patented combustion chamber delivers a continuous flow of hot water on demand. Incoming cold water flows downward through a vertical column filled with stainless steel packing rings. As the water comes in contact with rising hot combustion air from the gas burner, an instantaneous heat transfer occurs. High Quality stainless steel construction minimizes down time and assures more efficient heat transfer. QuikWater is the first direct contact water heater to be low NOx pre-certified by the nation’s most stringent air quality quidelines. The 99% efficiency means the user saves up to 40% of fuel costs over conventional hot water systems.

Reimers Electric Boilers

Reimers has been providing quality products since 1908. They build both steam (500KW) and hot water (700KW) boilers for residential and commercial applications. Units are built in accordance with ASME boiler and pressure vessel code. In most cases the boiler can be put adjacent to the application, no room required.

Custom Care Water Technologies Water Softeners & Filters

Custom Care Water Technologies equipment can be found in homes and major corporations and is being used in the treatment of water for entire communities. They offer a comprehensive line of water treatment equipment that is designed to meet the performance and cost criteria of today’s energy conscious.

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