Yosa Buson

(1716 - January 17, 1784)
Born at Kema

Yosa Buson or Yosa no Buson (1716 - January 17, 1784) was a Japanese poet and painter in the Edo period of Japan. Buson was born in the village of Kema in Settsu Province, which is now near the city of Osaka. His original family name was "Taniguchi". At the age of 20, Buson moved to Edo, which is now "Tokyo". After moving to Edo, he leared a poetry by the haikai master Hayano Hajin. After Hayano Hajin died, Buson moved to Shimosa Province. Then, he traveled through the northern Honshu and started his career.

During when Yosa Buson was traveling to northern Honshu, he wrote his travel diary. In 1744, he published "Oku no Hosomichi" that was based on his travel diary, and become famous. He published his notes by the name Buson. After traveling to many parts of Japan, Buson settled in the city of Kyoto at the age of 42. After he married at the age of 45, he keep wrote and teached poetry. He wrote many poems include haiku until his death in 1784 at the age of 68.

Listening to the moon

by Buson

Listening to the moon,
gazing at the croaking of frogs
in a field of ripe rice.