Career Research Project
Keith Elden
U.S. Army Infantry Officer

Job Skills:



-Physically and Mentally fit to perform under pressure


- Take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test

-ROTC officer program for college students


I have chosen Western IL University.  Western IL University has the ROTC program and the two campuses are not far from home but are not too close either.  With ROTC I can participate in the program until I finish my sophomore year of college.  And then I would have to enlist or sign up into the U.S. Army.  Since ROTC is an officer program for the U.S. Army and its offered at a close instate university I have chosen Western IL University. ( Picture is towards bottom of slides)

Words to Live by:

"Don't be sorry, but learn from it" (Greg Elden).

"Just don't make the same mistake" (Greg Elden).

These two quotes will be important in this career.  These quotes are important because as a U.S. Army Infantry Officer my decisions I make can either save lives or end them.  Also when I make a mistake this will help me not feel guilty and beat myself up and to learn from my mistakes and move on.   Also this will help me with self-discipline which is a job skill that I will need when I become a U.S. Army Infantry Officer.

Role Model:

My role model is my dad.  My dad is my role model for various reasons.  The way my dad acts and helps people, his career, what he's done, and just his attitude I see myself mimicking.  Of course my dad and I fight kind of often because he's stubborn and I'm a teenager who is also stubborn(similar again..maybe not a good similarity but still a similarity).   My dad went to Western University IL and he also did ROTC and got a 4 year degree.  My dad went into the U.S. Army for a total of 10 years.  My dad is who I look up to because I can count on him and trust him and talk to him when I need to you.  My dad also is majorly involved in our church and treats people like they are kings and queens.  My dad and I have different view points on somethings but he tells me how things are and doesn't lie.  For example yesterday I had a track meet and in the first lap this Alleman guy just takes off and my dad told me after the race that when the Alleman guy took off it was over there was no chance of me getting first.  I was like "thanks dad.." but I know he was attempting to cheer me up.  But he gave me the truth and no lies.  My dads values and morals help me make my morals and hes taught me great things.  He also helped me become the teenage guy I am today.  So my dad is my role model because hes gone through what I'm going through whatever it is and because I'm kinda following in his footsteps to an extent.  My dad has my respect due to his kindness,honesty, pursing God attitude, and his words of wisdom.


Outlaw: Former infantry officer shares experiences, pledges to help others

Author: Mrs.Michelle Kennedy (Drum)

Many people think that when soldiers come home from war that the war over, but really its not for the veterans.  In the article"Outlaw: Former infantry officer shares experiences, pledges to help others" the author Mrs.Michelle Kennedy explains that "At 24 years old, he watched a little girl die in his arms." an infantry officer watched a little girl bleed to death in his arms and he was only 24 years old.  That officer will not be able to forget something so traumatic as that.  That wasn't a little girl bleeding to death  2,000 miles away, that was a little girl who bled to death in his 24 year old arms.  That would be an experience that is scarring for life, and he wouldn't able to never forget.

Issues,Why this job:

-An issue would be killing people or little kids if they pose a threat

-Another issue sending men in to go die for the greater good

-making sacrifices

But I choose this job and this field because I want to protect my country, family, friends, and help people.  Also if i have to kill someone i want to know i killed someone and not be like well my bomb may have killed him/her.  I also want to be on the ground on the front lines helping children escape Isis or whoever.  I don't want to fight with a drone and be safe I want to be in the action helping and saving people.

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