Top 10 Internet Safety Rules

These are some of the rules that you should follow on the internet and there are still many more that you should follow

Internet safety rules are something very important that you should always follow while on the internet. If your on a instagram facebook or things like that you should never do anything that you wouldnt want done to you. Remember to always ask your parents if you gonna create an email or a website.  Always follow these rues while you are on the internet. And remember there are people on the internet tat are not who you think they are. Dont pretend to be someone your not on the internet because you could end up in serious trouble involing the police. And never do something that is illegal in real life because anything that is illegal is illegal in  real life

10.If you get a harassing email and it keeps happening over and over again then go tell an adult

9.If someone tells you to meet them some where don’t go to where their saying go tell an adult

8.If you get an email to go meet with someone don’t go tell an adult

7.If you get a mysteries email than don’t email that person back because it could be someone that is trying to get your personal information to be you

6.If you do not want everyone on the internet to see a picture that you posted then just don’t upload it to the internet because once you upload its there forever even if you delete it

5.If you see a popup do not click on it the popup could ask you for your personal information which could lead to identity fraud

4.Do not give out personal information like what gender you are where your parents work and if your home alone

3.Dont email or text anyone that you do not know or have not seen before

2.Dont give out your phone number two anyone that you do not know and do not put it on the internet either

1.Rule number one that you should always follow is never give out your address to anyone that you do not know and do not put it on the internet ether (EX: state, city)

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