By: Lillian T. and Bernadette M. Period 8

Chinatown is located between Van Buren and Harrison. The attractions in Chinatown include over 40 Chinese restaurants ranging form Dim Sum to Chinese BBQ. Also, there are food processing factories including the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company. In addition, there are many Chinese grocery stores.

The area of Chinatown used to be an Italian and Croation neighborhood in the 1900s. Many Chinese immigrants to Chicago come from China and live in Chinatown. Most come from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Most of the housing in Chinatown are two stories. The buildings in Chinatown have a lot of red coloring. The color red in the Chinese culture means good fortune.

Chinatown also has a big celebration in late January to early February. This celebration is Chinese New Year. The Chinese culture has a zodiac. This zodiac is based on a person's birth year. It is a 12 year cycle. This year's Chinese New Year is January 31st. This year's zodiac sign is the horse. This means there is leadership related to this year. Someone who is a horse is lively, active and energetic. The person is also hardworking. Chinatown's saying is the "world for all."