Transferring and Transforming energy

Mechanical to Sound

A car going down the road is an example of mechanical energy to sound energy because anything that is moving is mechanical in this case it is the car and the car is going down the road and it makes a noise so you are transferring mechanical energy to sound energy.

Chemical Energy to Thermal Energy

An example of this conversion is hand warmers that are used for hunting. When the contents of the bag is mixed together, a chemical reaction causes chemical bonds to break releasing energy. The energy causes the thermal energy of the solution inside the bag to increase the heat there for your hands a warm.

Radiant Energy to Electrical Energy

A solar cell converts the radiant energy of the sunlight into electrical energy.

Chemical to radiant energy

This is showing that chemical energy in the battery is transferred to the wire and that creates electrical energy and that is transformed into radiant energy.

Nuclear energy to Thermal energy

This is a nuclear bomb which is showing nuclear energy and then it becomes Thermal energy because of the heat of the bomb.

What is transforming energy?

  1. Energy Transformations. Energy can be changed from one form to another. For example, as water falls over a waterfall, its gravitational potential energy is first transforming into kinetic energy , then into thermal energy when it hits the ground.

What is transferring energy?

Energy is transferring from one object to another when a reaction takes place.

What does Mrs. G. Chen stand for?

Mechanical energy

Radiant energy

Sound energy

Gravitational energy

Chemical energy

Heat energy

Electrical energy

Nuclear energy


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