Human Sex Trafficking.
By Jake

All Over the United States "The land of the free"   

What Led To Violation

Human Sex Trafficking has been going on since the dawn of time. This can be dated back as far as Ancient Roman times. women were considered property and used for reproduction that was it. and slaves were used for labor. women in particular were traded, sold and bought for sex and forced marriage. Although Human Sex Trafficking is not just women its also kids and men but women are almost 80% of victims and 80% of enslaved people end up in sex slavery.(Soroptimist) this is an ancient form of modern day sex slavery.

Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

Article 4 and Article 5 are being violated by this horrific crime. Article 4 talks about no person should be held in slavery. people are slaves all over this country and this world in general. people are abducted and help against their will to have sex for money, that sounds like slavery to me. Article 5 talks about No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. These people are tortured and violated 21-44 times a day. that is roughly how many times a day these victims are forced to have sex a day. (Soroptimist)

The Suffering

This is done by mainly “pimps” a term for sex slave owners. They force people to have sex between 21-44 times a day.(Soroptimist) These pimps do this for easy fast money. They make money without having to do really anything. These sex slaves will live with messed up bodies physically, mentally and emotionally. Pimps are a sick, twisted and demented disgrace to humanity by using women and children mainly to have sex with perverts that are willing to pay. These pimps don't care about their slaves, they don't feed them properly, they don't get them medical attention, These Women have to live their lives without a choice of getting AIDS and HIV.  

Getting Help

This problem is growing but it is also becoming a bigger effort in the act of helping these men, women and children in this sex slavery. Trafficking Victims Protection Act “TVPA” was authorized in 2000. this was the first law to represent human sex trafficking. In 2007, the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force was formed.(U.S Department of State) It hasn't stopped completely but is definitely getting better. This will be a global effort soon and when we all come together to end this modern slavery then and only then will slavery truly have ended.

Lets Take a Stand

I Believe we can prevent this by cracking down on internet web sites for these poor women, men and children that our being sold for sex. We need to make this a global effort, this is happening all over the world in every country and you rarely hear about it on the news because it's really overlooked. Although we have efforts like the Polaris Project working to end this, Everyone needs to take a Stand and Put an end to this awful tragedy all over the U.S and The World.  


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