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Kick start your brands reputation getting more reviews, shares, comments and recommendations about your company from around the net.

Social Media Account Setup & Branding Friendly Connect is here to help you get a successful social media campaign setup, promoted and tracked. Our staff will help your company setup on several of the biggest social media networks and blogging platforms. Learn More...

Publishing Tools Friendly Connect allows you to publish message to multiple social networks simultaneously and measure the impact from all your campaigns in one easy to use dashboard.Learn More...

Viral Marketing Network Friendly Connect utilizes the power of recommendation marketing to improve your online reputation & create more social media engegement from followers. Learn More...

Live Support & Training Unlike other software and marketing firms Friendly Connect does not hide its phone number or leave you know way to directly talk to support team. Learn More...

What Makes Us Unique

  • Social Analyics Dashboard
  • Network of Social Influencers
  • Campaign Publishing Tools
  • Conversion and ROI Tracking
  • Social Media Training
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support
  • White Labeling For Resellers

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3 years ago

Formulate An Effective Social Media Strategy

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Friendly Connect social media consultants will work closely with your organization to formulate an effective strategy for your business. From our initial kick off call to your monthly ROI reports our knowledge staff is available to help step you through the process. From many classic businesses, social media is still very new and seen as a risky marketing investment. Let the social media specialists at Friendly Connect help explain how it works and the power of recommendation marketing.
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3 years ago
3 years ago

Friendly Connect gives you all the tools and a popular network of #socialinfluncers dedicated to improving your online reputation with shares,reviews, and recommendations. Make sure your company is being shed in a good light, and keep track of all the times your company, products or services are mentioned online. Keep an eye blog posts, news, #reviews, #shares, #comments and #tweets and forum conversations that can greatly affect your #business and #onlinereputation.
Once your reviews are published they will be shared by hundreds of real people on every major social media network including: Google+ Pages, #LinkedIn Accounts & Groups, #Twitter, Facebook Accounts & Pages, #Tumblr, #YouTube, #Blogger, #Foursquare, #StumbleUpon, #Reedit, #WordPress , #Etsy,#MySpace and many more.