Famous Generals
By: David Hanson P.9

One famous general in the WWI era was Marshall Henri-Philippe Pétain. Pétain was a French general during WWI. He was known for his amazing artillery skills and his great and careful preparation during for the war. He was also very caring of his soldiers. Pétain did his best and was very successful. Pétain has accomplished many things in his life. Pétain has estimated around fifty-five executions during his life time. He also, successfully, launched an attack on the fortress of La Malmaison during his lifetime. In general, Pétain was a very good general. He is respected for various things and has accomplished much in his life.

Another famous general during this era is General John J. Pershing. Pershing was an American general of the armies during WWI. He has done many things that has effected our lives today. One thing he has done is that he helped form the plan that formed the Interstate Highway System. He also led the American Expeditionary force in Europe. General Pershing, in his early life, has also done many things. He served in the calvary after graduating from the Academy in the West. He had also received a degree in law from the University of Nebraska.

Lastly, German General Erich Ludendorff was an important general. During his lifetime he captured Leige forts with help of the Shlieffen Plan. He also became Chief of Staff. Ludendorff also played many key roles and had lots of responsibilities. He was responsible for bringing the U.S. into war. He also played a key role in the Biest-Citosk Peace treaty. These three generals played key roles in our the past and even in the world we live in today.