Finding fractions of a number

Key to success

Using knowledge of division and multiplication - check out this video.

But what are fractions?

Colour in the fractions of each shape on the workshop.  Remember to put your name and class at the top.

Denominator & Numerator


Use these fractions - 2/4 3/4 2/5 2/3 3/10 4/5

With the buttons provided come up with your own whole number (e.g. 80) and use the above fractions to show your understanding of how to find a fraction of a whole number.

Take a photo of your fractions using a whiteboard to show your working out and added information. See the below picture as an example

Explore - Come up with your own fractions and repeat this task!

Are there any numbers where you are left with remainders?  

Which fractions and whole numbers are these?

Ipad Station - Mathletics

Go to the fractions activities on Mathletics to practice your skills further.

Book Station - Collins 5 & 6

L/I - To find fractions of whole numbers.

Have a go at some of activities in the Collins books.

Collins 5A pp98-99

Collins 5C pp.94-95


Colline 6B - pp98-99

Pizza Station

Check out fractions of a pizza and even compare equivalent fractions.

Macbook  Station

Go to Google and type 'finding the fraction of a whole number'.  Pick the first result taking you to  Complete the activities.