The Lufthansa Heist


In 1978 Approximately 5 million dollars in cash and around 1 million dollars were stolen at JFK international airport from a truck that was delivering the money to Lufthansa Airlines to be down overseas. All of the money was stolen by a group of organized criminals who were then caught when one of the members was negligent to dispose of the van they used and the police caught him, leading to him giving up the names of most of those involved. Some of those involved were recently tried in 2014 as new information had come up. The money was never found.

The Mystery:

Where did the money go?


1.) New York Post

2.) New York Times

3.) Fox News


Lufthansa Airlines and JFK International Airport


Members of the Bonnano crime family and Louis Werner, an airport worker at JFK International.


Forensic materials and recordings

Proposed narrator:

A fictional detective of my imagination that will portray an actual detective from the crime.

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