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The Hilliard House

Hilliard House

Since 2001!

The Hilliard House was established in 2001. It was first a 30 bed facility in eastern Henrico County for women who have children up to the age of 18. Some families stayed for as long as a year in the shelter. The Hilliard House provided transitional housing. The Hilliard House is very thankful for when ever you donate clothing, food, or anything that could help.

            Sarah Ann’s story: She had lost her job and said it was the most devastating time she had ever experienced. When all that had happened she developed a drinking problem that she thought would help her depression. That did not change anything. She had no one to help her, she stayed in her car for the time. She was accepted in the Hilliard House, they helped her build a strong recovery plan. She said the Hilliard House gave her the care and support she needed. She didn't think she could

        The Hilliard house was to help the needs of women with children that did not have a home. They had a mission to help women with their depression and to live productively on their own.

 This year, hundreds of people showed up to buy fresh Christmas wreaths, garlands and decorations; listen to music; and drink hot  chocolate. All of the proceeds go to Hilliard House. A resident Carolyn Peart learned, from her parents that there are some many ways you can help people in need of help.

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