Tough times in the South.

Hi, my name is Charles Joseph II and I am 22 years old. The reason why I am not currently in the war because I have a infected leg and if I go to the war my leg might be amputated. I live in Columbia ,South Carolina . Today is May 19, 1861. I live with my parents, and my brother is currently serving in the war right now as a Union Soldier, and he is stationed Fort Sumter, South Carolina.

Day 1:  April 20th ,1862

The Civil War was still going on and the town Columbia was supplying the war for weapons and food, and etc., but here in Columbia it was a quiet town, not many people were outside and everyone did what they needed. I wake up around 5 to feed the cows and milk them then I come inside and wake up my brothers and sisters, I am 1 out of 10 children. I have 5 sisters and 5 brothers and it is  a heck of a morning. After I wake them up I make them breakfast and make sure they all eat, before they go to school. After that I go back out a feed our cows and clean up the house and basically do some cleaning around. Columbia was a very protected town not many things happened the capital supplied the war with weapons, food, and etc., and soldiers would walk up and down the streets making sure there wasn't any unionists walking in our town. Our family is quite big honestly we need a lot of help with whoever we can get it from, so it is a good help that I am on the farm rather in the war. around 9 I get my brothers and sisters from school and we are on our way.  around the evening I go to the capital building and make guns and supply food and anything that can make the South better. After that I go into town and grocery shop for my family and that doesn't take anytime at all. Around 4 I go the city hall and hear from the ministers of how much the North is evil and how we are gonna win the war. Around 7 I make dinner for the whole family and my mother helps me most of the time. After dinner I let my brothers and sisters play with their toys an after that I tuck them in and kiss them goodnight. After that I read some books and after I go to bed.

Day 2: Battle of Gettysburg

Dear Brother,

I miss you dearly, for have I have loved you since you have left. I hope you return into one and return safely. I love you very deeply and I pray to the gods, that we you defeat them nasty Northern's. I will have so much respect for you when you return


Charles Joseph II

Day 3: My activites

Usually on this day, I wake up around 4 a.m. and I go down the hill and feed the chickens and then I collect the eggs. Around 6 a.m. I wake up my family, I usually am wake before anyone, but after I wake up my family up me and my brother,Shawn, take a walk into town, so we stayed in shape. Around 7 My brothers go into the fields and pick crops while the women wash the dishes and do chores around the house. Around 9 I ride into town and collect goods from the market, from my own money, and I delivery the goods to the military, so I can put an effort to the war. Around 10 I write letters to random soldiers thanking them for there service and how much they mean to them. After I get that done I go to the post office and deliver them and now I am off my way to the next town over and give speeches about the peace and how we should turn into one.

Day 4: Battle of Raymond

I woke up and went to the post office today and I couldn't believe my eyes! It was the letter from my brother! I ran home and opened and my whole family came and asked," whats the big commotions?" And I said, " My brother! He replied!"  Me and my family gathered around and  I opened the letter and it said

My Dear Brother,

I have missed the family and you for a while now, but I just wanted say how much you mean to me and the family tell father that I love them and how much I miss them. I hope you had taken care of the chickens, because I might now make it in time, because one of the Northern's shot my legs and they had to amputate it. The doc said that it might be infected and might cause my whole system to shut down. I might not make it to Christmas this year.  I just wanted to say I hope the best for everyone and I love you my brother stay safe my fellow.


Your Brother in arms.

We all were in shock my father started crying, and he rarely cried, so you mean that it was serious, then we all started crying and then we all started hugging praying and it just was one big huge mess.

Day 5: The Killing

When I heard that Abraham had been killed my reaction was just speechless. I couldn't believe it. One of the Southern's had shot him in the back of the head. Personally I have never been this mad before I get that we lost the Civil War and slavery isn't a thing anymore, but that doesn't mean you have to kill the leader of our country.

Abraham was with the North and he didn't want slavery and he just was wrong, but that doesn't mean you have to kill the President of the United States. It's just wrong for what the Southern did was plain out wrong I would have never killed him even if I did really hate his guts. He was a good president, but also I wasn't for some of his choices half the time, since he would end slavery over the war.

I started crying, I couldn't help myself it was to dreadful that day that the president died it put a whole in my heart. Just like the whole in my brothers leg. My brother served and he served for his right, but he didn't win his right, but that doesn't mean he would kill the president. It was probably the worst time when I heard about that.

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