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August 2014

Please read the information and fill out the survey below...

Our district focus this year is STUDENT ENGAGEMENT.  We will be centering our PDs around this goal.  If you remember we did the following during our pre-year PD session two Thursdays ago:

* Reflected on our own ideas of what the truly engaged classroom looks like

* Interviewed our colleagues about their ideas

* Charted ideas agreed upon by our groups

* Presented and circled common ideas

Here are our charts in case you haven't been by to see:

FFC PD on Student Engagement (August 14, 2014)

Please go to the following link for a survey that will drive our Engagement PDs for the year.  

Engagement Faculty Survey

Performance Series Testing

Our students will be testing this week in math and next week in English classes.  Please refresh your memory with the directions and tips regarding testing.  (Remind your students about the iPad settings and their state ID the day before.)  It would also be beneficial to check your classes in Global Scholars so we can be proactive about identifying students not in the program.  We all need to be familiar with our students' reading and Lexile scores, so please check out Performance Series in Global Scholars when testing is over.  Ask me if you need a refresher!

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Brags and Other Cool Stuff...


Ms. Marris is keeping her students on task.  "These students are recording an important dialogue passage from The Outsiders and recording it in Puppet Pals 2. They are then uploading it into Edmodo with a written summary and telling why it is important to the story. So proud!"  Good job, Ms. Marris!  What a cool way for your students to synthesize!  

Our SPED Teachers are AWESOME!

Words of love go out to our SPED teachers!  The work they do behind the scenes is mind-boggling.  Peek in their rooms during IEP time if you don't know what I'm talking about!  Greene, Freeze, Wagnon, Lanzenstiel, and Wells all deserve some extra thanks!

Thank You, Ms. Brewer!

We had a lovely retirement party for Mrs. Brewer Thursday afternoon!  Thanks to everyone who could make it!  We appreciate her help during the opening of school this year and could not have done without her!

Mrs. Brewer's Retirement Party

Coach Taylor's Way...

Coach Taylor in action...

Coach Taylor is teaching the Scientific Method while we are getting all of his kids logged in to the TechBook.  Give the science and history teachers a pat on the back for their patience with these new resources at the opening of this school year.  Discovery Education is an awesome tool...maybe we will have a volunteer to conduct a bbm (brief but meaningful) presentation at a faculty meeting?  Thanks, Mitchell!  :)

Common Academic Vocabulary

Here is the link to our chart of common academic vocabulary for the FFC.  Please suggest any changes to your academic leaders.  Use these words!  "Research shows that vocabulary is closely linked to academic success. A strong vocabulary is essential to good reading and, because reading and writing are so closely related, essential to writing" (Cool article by Eileen Simmons on the National Writing Project Website).

Link to FFC Common Academic Vocabulary In order to access this link, you must be logged on to Google with your Florence City Schools account.  More information is below.

Speaking of vocabulary, it is time to resume our...

Word Parts of the WEEK!!
Next week our part is...
AB (away from, separate)

Remember, we will have a list of words (one per day) on which to concentrate.  If all teachers mention this word in their instruction, the students should catch on.  The article above explains how context is key, and when students hear their teachers using these words with their common parts, awareness will encourage vocabulary-building, which will evolve into stronger reading, writing and speaking skills.

Monday - no word...Labor Day

Tuesday - abnormal

Wednesday - abstain

Thursday - abbreviate

Friday - aberration

I begin  posting a weekly contest in the next couple weeks.  Thank you for participating!!

Your School Google!

Please make sure you have logged in to your FCS Google account.  Sign in to Google with your normal teacher login, with the password gofalcons.  You will then be prompted to change your password.  I would change it to your normal school password for easy recall, but you can change it to whatever you wish.  Please stop by during your planning period on Tuesday so I can go over the basics of your Google account and how to use the Drive.  If you can't get in, I need to know!  

Fill My Bucket!

The buckets will be ready to start filling on Tuesday.  Please come by and start spreading the love!  WE ARE FAM-I-LY!  Let's build each other up and let each other know when we make a difference!

I'm still working on hooking up AppleTVS...Let me know if we haven't hooked yours up yet.

APPS We All Need to Know How to Use...

Last Friday we had Appy Hour all day in the PD room for Socrative and Edmodo.  If you need help with these, let me know and I'll come running!  Evernote is also an app that we will be using for reflection throughout the year.  

This was created with Tackk.com.  See the link below for more info on this digital poster resource...

That's All For Now!  Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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