Ariel Sharon was born in Kfar Malal, Israel on February 26. Some of his nicknames were "Bulldozer", and "Ariel Sheinermann". Sharon was a military leader, and politician in Israel. He was in office since March 7th, 2001-April 14, 2006. He is named one of Israel's most controversial and charismatic leaders.

Ariel Sharon created and a group known as Unit 101. This group was to defend Israel, and strike against any Palestinian terrorist. The group collapsed after the unit staged an attack. This attack led to many women and children dead.

Ariel Sharon came to power by election on March 7th, 2001 and had a long lasting career to the date of April 14, 2006. He was first a soldier, and then a officer. He participated in the 1948 War of Independence. He also participated in many battles. Sharon was named "The King Of Israel" and was considered the greatest field commander in Israel history and one of the countries greatest military strategist.

Some domestic Policies that Ariel Sharon did was he left the Lu kid group that he created and eventually created the Kadima group. Kadima was created November 24, 2005. The purpose of the group was to remove Israel settlements.

Some foreign policies that Ariel Sharon did was in 1957 he joined the Camberley Staff College in Britain. Between the years of 1958 and 1962 he served as Infantry Brigade Commander of a paratroop Corps. He resigned from the army in June 1972 but rejoined to active military service in 1973 to command. He wanted to secure Israel's victory and make peace with Egypt.

Ariel died January 11th, 2014 by a stroke. Sharon will be remembered for his self-possession and determination to make a change. He created and joined many groups that allowed him to do so. Sharon was buried next to his wife on the family ranch in Ha-vat Shikmim. Many people attended the military ceremonial.

Ariel Sharon was the most influential because he fought in many wars and battles. He loved to defend for his country, and command. He was named the countries best military strategist and he never backed down to anything. Being a soldier, and a commander gave him the skills to be able to command in the best way.

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