First day in Toronto

On May 28, my friends and I went to Toronto to make an interview to get our American visa. It was such a very exciting trip; very time-consuming though. We arrived around 6:00pm there, and we took a bus to the Union Station to get some directions on how to get to our hostel. Then, after the a very kind lady helped us, we walked through the downtown to find the hostel. At night, some of my friends hung out to know some parties; however, I stayed in the hostel. This night was not very good because the hostel that we were was not so nice. I mean, before going to Toronto, we didn't find a cheap hostel to stay in the day that we was planning to arrive, so we booked in the first hostel available. When we found the hostel, which was located in an alley in Toronto's Chinatown. Our bedroom was not good either. Luckily, We had to stay there only one night.

In the morning after breakfast, we moved to another better hostel, a really good one called HI Toronto. The HI, as we used to call, is a international hosteling net, which is present around the world, and in Toronto, we was very surprised with the accommodations that we had. I do recommend it! When we was checking in, the manager offered us some tickets to watch a baseball game at Rogers Centre, the most famous baseball stadium in Canada; of course we accepted. After Lunch, we went out to know a bit of Toronto and meet a friend of ours, Alessandra. It was a great time.

[To be continued...]