The Battle of Tannenberg- World War One.

August 1914, with france under attack on the western front, Russia agreed to engage germany on the eastern front by invading the german territory of east prussia. Prior to the battle the Russian First Army, led by Paul Von Rennenkampf, had defeated eight divisions of the  German Army. Upon taking charge of the German Eighth Army, General von Hindenburg instructed Erich Lundendorff to launch an attack on the Russian Second Army led by Alexander Samsonov. Having tapped a Russian message, Ludendorff centered all his might on the russian second army. The attack commenced on August 26, 1914 and saw the Russians retreat to Neidenburg. The German troops pursued and captured thousands of Russian Soldiers.

By August 29, 1914, Germany had won the most decisive victories won by the central Powers in World war 1.

The outcome:

The Battle  of Tannenberg ended in a crushing defeat for the Russian Army. Most of the Russians Second Army was a killed and over 92,000 russians were taken prisoner by Germany. Second Army committed suicide. The german army displayed remarkable mobility and excellent strategy. The battle displayed Germanys strength in moving troops by by train to the war front. The battle of Tannenberg resulted in further battles between Germany and Russia on the eastern front in September 1914. More damage was inflicted on Russia, and the russian First Army suffered huge damages. The campaign's only success from the allied standpoint was the distraction it caused Germany from the battles western front. The battle of Tannenberg was russia's worst defeat in World war one. In fact, the russian Army never fully recovered from the Battle at Tannenberg.

Russian Army:

Alexander Samsonov:

Born 14 November 1859- Died Auguest 30 1914 aged 54. He commands the Russian second army. Samsonov was given the command of the russian Second army and war broke out in August 1914. With his second Army virtually destroyed- of a total of 150,000 men under his command less than 10,000 escaped German capture. With his army breaking up and surrounding by the thousand than any there, he killed himself in the forest.

Paul Von Rennenkamf:

Born 17 april 1854 died April 1918, aged 63. He commands the russian first army. He joined the russian army at 19. Rennenkampf was given command of the russian first army for the invasion of East Prussia. In the region of the Masuria Lakes in east prussia when twi russians armies invaded German east prussia.

German Army:

Erich Ludendorff:

Erich ludendorff often referred to as Von Ludendorff was born in 1965 and died on the 20th of December 1937 (aged 72). He was a prussian general who was mainly responsible for german's military policy in the later years of World War 1. After the war, he became a leader of reactionary political movements, for a while joining the nazie Party and subsequently taking an independent, idiosyncratic right-radical line.

Paul Von Hindenburg

Paul Von Hindenburg, sometimes referred to as Von Hindenburg. Von hindenberg was the commander of the German Army. Everyone worshiped Paul Von Hindenburg. Von Hindenberg was born in poland 1847 and died in Germany 1934, aged 86. He the 2nd president of the Germans Reich.

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