magic and miracle

I am not a big fan of soul mate and love at first sight. I do believe that a great relationships develop through time and effort. But when I met you, I instantly felt that weird connection that somewhere in another cosmos, I know you. I don't trust strangers easily. And just a blink of an eye, I am hooked. SNAP! I just woke up one morning and realized that I am comfortable of talking to you about my favorite cartoon hero and my first rejection towards my dream on becoming a famous singer. But things doesn't fall into right places the way we wish it should be. I am here and you were there. Timing isn't right. I keep saying goodbye but catching myself going back into my old habit of bugging you. And then I am on the edge of giving up.

I must be a very good girl (wink! wink!) life never ceases to surprise me. Miracles do happen everyday. They aren't always wrapped with glittering box. And we do not recognize it because we are too scared to believe in it. And my miracle is you. I don't know about you, but for me you were given as a blessing. You made me realized that you can't  just get drawn into a person without any explanation. That all things are meant to be logical. You reinstate my faith that I can always have even more to give if I try hard enough — more love, more patience. Destiny is sometimes weird. It is hard to apprehend. When I was about to stop, that's the time the magic will start. You happened when things kept happening around me and that is worthwhile. :)

*wickedmindof Cassandra