Medical Healthy Training

By:Christina Witherspoon

I love to help people that is one of my most favorite thing to do. Because of these skills I would love to open up my own bussiness. I want to help the senior citizens with their health. With the young citizens like children I want to inform about their health also. Also let them the inform them about smoking and how it kill you. I also will be training them with first aid.Like cpr, what to do if someone gets hurt. Also about babies and what to do if someone goes into labor.

If i can open up a shop with someone with a degree I could use that money to give back to my community because then they clean up the area. Maybe add some more parks, get the bad people of the streets. I could also use that money for me like I can help my mom pay the bills off.Also that money can be used for my college tuition for Harvard University. Also that money can go to the nursing homes all over the state.

I would be helping the citizens with their health I would treat them like they are at a hospital.There will be no fee to senior citizens. The fee will only be $10.00 for 65 and under. The first aid training is the only thing that will have a fee. Getting a check up is no charge at all. People should not have to pay for their check ups especially senior citizens.

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