your in a world where your amgenation is the liment full of bricks to build and create.Dose this sound fun if it dose start to read this tackk


In this tackk you will find tons of fun things about lego's. also in this tackk well teach you about...people and animals/types of lego's/world records.

people and animals. there are alot of things so i will start simple acorse people also frogs/ sharks paroits dog's cats fish dragons ninjas nights monkys birds spiders snakes scorpns this is all the lego people and animals

typs of lego's.

there are tons of typs of is a list of pices.  one of the most populer is a stud also a 4 by 4 wiches a perfect square and 12 by 12  and of corse engens robots an more

world records

the most resent record is was in may 2014 it was 114 feet long uses 4500 blocks waghit was 95 pound also as big as a old world record but it was a heilcopter.prity cool right.


amagnation :somthing you think of.

limet: can be small time.