Math oil spill project

Area of shapes in miles squared (m2)

How I approached the problem: I approached the problem by first separating the island into 16 different shapes, and then I measured them and found their areas.

Shape 1: 2,025 m2

Shape 2: 112.5 m2

Shape 3: 3,375 m2

Shape 4: 225 m2

Shape 5: 1,350 m2

Shape 6: 2,025 m2

Shape 7: 1,125 m2

Shape 8: 1,125 m2

Shape 9: 337.5 m2

Shape 10: 1,406 m2

Shape 11: 1,968.75 m2

Shape 12: 3,375 m2

Shape 13: 843.75 m2

Shape 14: 1,350 m2

Shape 15: 112.5 m2

Shape 16: 450 m2


1.) I think that my measurements are a little off because I could have put my ruler down the wrong way and measured 6 cm instead of 4 cm.

2.) I think that my polygons are accurate to the really oil spill because I went over the shapes 3 times to make sure that I typed in the correct numbers to multiply to get the area. I think that my answer for the area will be less than the actual area because I could have made my shapes differently and gotten different measurements.

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