A Christian Herecy
Caroline and Niko

What did they believe about God and the Bible?

The founder, Mani proclaimed himself as Paraclete promised by Jesus. They reject the entire old testament and partially believe in the new testament. They also reject the acts of the apostles. Mani said he was the apostle of Jesus Christ. They believe in baptism and the Eucharist. It is a dualistic Religion that offed salvation through special knowledge. They believed that life on Earth was evil and unbearable. They believe that to know oneself is to share in the very nature of God.

What did they belive about creation?

They believed that orignially good and evil existed in two completely separate realms. One the world of LIghts and the other the Work of darkness. At a certain point the kingdom of darkness noticed the world of light became greedy for it. They say original man is the son of the father of greatness and mother of life. The original man was sent to battle with the attacking powers of darkness. The original man is armed with five different shield of light. They believe earth is the battle field. in the first battle the light was defeated by darkness. In the second creation the work reverts back to the world of . In the third creation the father of greatness recovered the light from the bodies. They say Adman and eve were products of demons. That the radiant Jesus came to waken Adam and to enlighten him. However, Adam and Eve didn't really believe in Jesus and they kept making humans and kept trapping the light in the bodies of mankind throughout human history.

What dod they beliebe about the human person?

They believed that humans are good in nature but their bodies are evil. The body is darkness and the soul is light. They preached that life on earth is difficult and evil. They do not believe that Jesus took on an actually human body. They believed that bodies were so bad that homosexual relations were better because they wouldn't create more bodies and as a result more bodies. They felt it neccesary to abandon your bodies in order to let you soul be free, therefore, suicide was acceptable.

How did their beliefs oppose Christianity?

Manichaeism was a religion that professed pure reason where as Christians professed credulity. They deny the infinite perfection of God and that good and evil are derived than the same thing. They believe the soul defines the person and is incorruptible and a human is said to be able to be saved from their body through their soul. In contrast, Christians believe in the complete perfection of God and that good is separate from evil. They believe that the body helps us love God and that we can find the meaning of our soul through our bodies. Manichaeism appears to have played an important role in the development of several Christian heresies. It was not derived from Christianity, rather its own Religion although it pretended to be Christianity.

How could Theology of the Body be used used to argue against them?

Theology of the body teaches that the physical human body has a specific meaning and is capable of revealing answers regarding fundamental questions about us and our lives. Our body is a good in nature. It shows us how to Love properly. Jesus was fully man and in the form of a body. Therefore, we are called to love our bodies and love each other through our bodies. There is logical sense in the way are bodies are made telling us that life is good and that the body can bring about beautiful things. the body enriches our soul.

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