Expedition to the New World for Spain!

Spain's greatest explorers

Fund me for Spain!

             In 1595, your majesty, King Philip II, I would like to go on an expedition to the new world.  I am a Spanish explorer from Portugal. If you fund me, I promise you all the resources and supplies you have asked for, including territory in the new world.  Also, I shall bring back gold, valuable jewelry, and spices.  I will be going to the western coastline, so in addition to all this, I shall bring back many maps of the Coastline, and I will find safe harbors.  I shall do all this for the expeditions of later explorers so that they will have maps and safe harbors to dock at. 

             I will expect to run into some other explorers from other countries.  Most of them being English and Greek.  They shall be looking for many things also.  Some of these things include to sail around the world, to find a Northwest passage, to start settlements, to trade slaves, to find gold, and to increase trade.  If I am to meet with any of these explorers, I will greet them nicely.  We could exchange information and goods.  I will also expect to run into a group of Indians.  I shall also greet them nicely.  I do not want to get into a disagreement.  They could be a useful trade source. 

             I shall expect to run into many obstacles on the way.  I will be prepared for bad weather at sea.  All I can ask of you is to make me the sturdiest ship you can my majesty.  I shall also bring accurate tools to make it safely to the western coastline.  Please fund my expedition and I will bring you back riches and territory my majesty. 

Thank you for the support!

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