Our digestive system is made up of organs that are in a group. These organs help us convert our food into energy and nutrients which feed the whole body.The food passes through this long tube inside our body known as the alimentary canal. The digestive system is one of the major systems of the human body, that helps sustain life and be affected by periodontal disease.

This system works by it start from the mouth as soon as you take your first bite. When you chew it breaks up the food into pieces then it is easy to digest while the saliva mix with the food then it begin the process of breaking it down and your body absorbs it and use it.When you are done chewing it goes through your throat which it travels through the esophagus.The stomach helps it mix and grind it which continue the process of breaking down the food. When it leave your stomach the food is liquid or paste.

The periodontal disease  is a very bad gum disease that make your tissue and bones weak. You can lose teeth having the periodontal disease.Our mouth have bacteria which makes it bad because that mean you don't care about your mouth.

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