12-4-14 the importance of music !!🎧🎢🎡

Music to me is helpful in many situations. I get really nervous before a basketball event. I find my favorite song and its typically a loud and song that makes me want to dance. After I pick my song of the day I blast my music and relax and think about the song.

Most people find a song that relates to how they feel or how they've been feeling. Music affects my family because when we are all together at a family reunion or a gathering we  always play music and dance to it and it reminds us of the old times where my great great grandparents made history.

In most cultures around the world they have their own way of expressing their good times. For exsample people in Texas don't listen to the type of music that people I'm Minnesota listen to because their surroundings are different. When people hear things about Texas they automatically think country but not all of Texas is country music it's also a lot of other things.