Why Vibhor Mittal of Houston Loves the Outdoors

Vibhor Mittal Houston

To Vibhor Mittal, Houston has some of the best places to roam and explore the natural outdoors. Texas is one of the biggest of the fifty states, with wildlife diversity you just cannot find in other parts of the country.

When you head into untouched nature, you remember your more primitive self. Doing this connects your scientific mind with your more creative side. The outdoors is lovely reminder that you are a natural being, and as such, a disciple of nature. Vibhor Mittal of Houston finds solace in the trees, the sky, prairies, and rivers. Solace is most readily found there.

If Vibhor Mittal of Houston, only had to write poetry, you would not find Vibhor Mittal in that big city. Instead, he would be riding on a horse, bareback, with a notepad and rifle, ready to explore the wilderness like an old-time cowboy.

He does not find inspiration in the choking smog of the city. For Vibhor Mittal, Houston is beautiful, and he love to spend time exploring that big town, but communing with nature is even better. He finds inspiration from something as simple as a tree with lovely drooping greens, reminding him of the basket plants his mother hung in the kitchen.

Vibhor Mittal spends the majority of his time in Houston, but knows that if you want to really treat yourself, you need to leave the house and the city and get out into nature. Find someplace new. You never know where you may find true inspiration.

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