Vote me for vice president.

    I am Kaylah Livingston and I am in the 8th grade.I am running for vice president.First I would like to say I have been at Harambee since kindergarten.Before I was here I had family here.I have seen a lot of changes in this school.Some we liked and some we don't like.All in all I know what the school was brought up to be like.I have seen rough times that this school has been through and saw that to be a technology school we don't really have money to buy the technology like we used to.If I became Vice President I would try to work towards more money for our school.If I were able to help with the currency issue I suggest we buy more tablets and have a school newspaper site made by students.That way if community neighbors wanted to see what our school was teaching they could see the information through our eyes.Community involvement is important to me because schools are not effecting just the people in it they effect the people around it too,in more ways than you think.

So vote me ,Kaylah Livingston For vice president!!!!!

Listen to this while you check out the site!!!!!!

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