Vicente Loyola

Business Leader and Innovative Entrepreneur

About Vicente Loyola

The owner and developer of multiple businesses, Vicente Loyola currently focuses his attention on the growth of network marketing group ACN. A subsidiary of his company MundoRiche, Inc., ACN offers residual income to business owners in markets across the world. Since founding the company in 2010, Vicente Loyola has created a vast network of home services, including Internet, television, and electricity.

Vicente Loyola assumed his current role backed by extensive experience in corporate leadership. A graduate of the business program at the University of Victoria in Canada, he is the former owner of Ayuda Coffee and a current shareholder of the newly established social networking site Recognized early in his education for his potential in entrepreneurship, Vicente Loyola is a recipient of Rotary International's Youth Leadership Award. He continues to pursue innovation and currently plans to establish a non-profit, fair trade coffee company that will channel its profits into scholarships for students in need.

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