Heat Recovery Steam Generator

Victory custo design

The Victory Energy combined cycle HRSG is designed for operation with gas turbines in a multitude of applications. Gas or oil-fired, our HRSG Horizon® Series can be configured to provide saturated or superheated steam from 5,000 PPH up to 500,000 PPH in a single-packaged system.

Our thermal performance modeling software is capable of integrating multiple heat transfer processes in a single system. Our products are custom engineered and field verified. Shop assembly of each modular unit and component is maximized for efficient delivery and installation.

Our facilities are extra-lean and ultra-clean, employing state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary assembly processes to minimize waste and maximize efficiencies. While other manufacturers out-source large portions of a project, Victory Energy utilizes over 170,000 sq. ft. of highly sophisticated manufacturing space to build and assemble what we sell. We’ve combined well-proven processes with the skills and talents of experienced professionals to create an environment of engineering excellence. Advanced innovative technologies and solid engineering design make Victory Energy an industry leader for custom configurations.

Typical HRSG Applications:

- Gas turbine/co-generation

- Gas and diesel engine exhaust

- Solid fuel combustion recovery systems

(wood, coal, MSW - Municipal Solid Waste)

- Process gas from thermal oxidizers,

thermal reaction furnaces and incinerators

- Biomass and gasification

Auxiliary components:

- Complete boiler trim package

- ASME code piping

- Lined duct work/casing for high and low temperature and dirty gas applications

- Expansion joints

- Diverter valves

- Guillotine dampers with Zero-leakage sealed air system

- Silencers

- Duct burners

- Fuel trains/racks

- Combustion controls & burner management systems

- Blowdown tanks

- Deaerators and BFW pumps

- Feedwater economizers

- DA make up water pre-heaters

- Process heat exchangers

- Hoppers

- Structural steel

- Free-standing and self-supporting stacks

- SCR system

- CO catalyst

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