Victory EMS

Affordable Emergency Transport in Oklahoma

About Victory EMS

Victory EMS is dedicated to providing affordable emergency medical care and timely transportation. Contracted to serve the rural central Oklahoma community of Fairfax, Victory EMS meets the city’s needs and also transports patients to major hospitals or trauma centers when required.

From hospital and long-distance transport to special event support, the company utilizes its fleet of fully equipped emergency vehicles staffed by trained paramedics. Victory also has adopted a system of completely electronic patient reports for enhanced organization and efficiency as well as a faster billing process.

Founded by Rodney Hanes, who currently serves as the company’s president, Victory EMS combines the expertise of its staff with a commitment to excellent customer service. Mr. Hanes heads up operations, bringing 20 years of emergency medical service experience as a paramedic and a deep understanding of the needs of both rural and urban communities.

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