Video: Basics of iPad video capture

Why utilize video with your students?

  • provides opportunities for students to be in charge of own learning
  • students live "media" - helps connect "school" life with "real" life
  • help students make connections to people and ideas beyond their usual frame of reference, communicating with authors, experts in various fields, etc.
  • students demonstrating knowledge with a video can show depth of understanding as they plan, write scripts and storyboards, edit, and publish
  • the process of creating the video can lead to more in-depth learning, creativity, failing, and then relearning, as they explore various tools
  • as a pre-teach: in a flipped environment, students can watch repeatedly, prepare ahead of time, early exposure to content
  • the positive correlation between student achievement and motivation: interesting, engaged learners create interactive, innovative, and engaging products

Video Integration

Video Tools

Camera app (included)

ChatterPix (free)

Videolicious (free)

iMovie ($.4.99 or included on new iPads and minis)

Export/Save to Camera Roll/YouTube/AirDrop

Most camera and photo manipulation apps have the ability to save to the camera roll. Often this is the easiest way to get projects off the iPad. Also, using AirDrop, students can send projects directly to the teacher iPad. Videolicious and iMovie export directly to YouTube.

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