Vikram Katju

Vikram Katju - Postdoctoral Researcher - Therapeutic Cancer Treatment

Vikram Katju currently works as a postdoctoral cancer researcher performing computational and statistical analysis of the next-generation whole genome and whole transcriptome sequencing data. His current projects as a researcher involve using data generated from next generation sequencing technology on both tumor samples and normal samples drawn from the same patient. The tumor-normal comparison study, and many others like it, are carried out in hopes of improving the current approach to therapeutic cancer treatment. In his line of work as a researcher at a cancer hospital, Vikram Katju has additionally worked in areas of mass spectrometry data and microarray gene expression data.

Beyond his work as a cancer research professional, Vikram Katju stays active by engaging in a variety of sports. He particularly enjoys racquet games, including tennis, badminton, table tennis, and squash. He also likes traveling and immersing himself in new cultures.