Home Group: Village Grove

Cory Elder (31) and his beautiful wife, Leah (28), along with their two sweet boys, Jonah (3) and Micah (10 months) are committed members of Providence Community Church. Cory works as a technician for ExxonMobil, and Leah is a registered nurse with the privilege to work from home and be with their boys.

What attracted you to PCC and what keeps you coming?

Cory: "For both of us, the very first thing that we noticed was the Gospel centrality in everything. From the bringing of the trailers to the service, very Gospel centered as far as the mission of what we do here at Providence, that's what kept us coming back at first and still does. The moment when we knew that we belonged here was the first week we went to Butch's home group in Huffman. We've been searching for this for a long time. We had this idea of what missional communities should look like. There's very few people out there doing it and less than that doing it actively and correctly."

Leah: "For years, we were reading books and having this idea of 'this is how it should be done' and feeling like we never could find that."

What is home group to you?

Cory: "It's a non-negotiable. It's a part of our rhythm, Thursday nights no matter what, there's nothing that's going to happen that's going to keep us from going to home group. And that's because of what we've found there: people that are like-minded, that speak the Gospel to one another, and lots of prayer. Home group is something that I don't bend on. It's important, it's a big piece of what we do every week, and my pursuit of Christ."

Leah: "Community. The biggest thing for me is raising our boys. I have been so happy to find Lorie, and other moms, who I feel like are looking, not to raise 'good' kids, but looking to show their kids the Gospel and be missional with my children so that my kids will one day love Jesus and not love being 'good.' I've always wanted to be around other parents so I can see how to do that better. And to have people speak to me too, and have people look into my life and see your blind spots."

What expectations, if any, do you have for your new home group?

Cory: "We want to see, not just other people but ourselves grow. We're not concerned with numbers, we believe the Lord will grow the group. I'm really interested to see how the Lord knits us together and to see who ends up in the group. What I'm hoping to see is God knit a new group together and grow that group, to hopefully one day become part of the foundation of what we do here, and  the foundation of churches we plant in the future."

Leah: "To see our group grow in their love for Jesus, grow in who they are as Christians and in how they love each other. And for them to see community as missional, and not just as a time for us all to get together and feed ourselves. Community is not the mission, the mission is the mission and community helps us get there."

Who do you plan to reach, as far as age, location and demographics?

Cory: "We welcome anyone. The demographic of our group, those who are coming with us, is young couples with young kids, we're going to have a lot of kids. Young families, not young families, with kids from 10 down to 6 months, we welcome anyone."

Leah: "We want to target Village Grove neighborhood. What can we do in that area that's going to make the neighbors say 'Oh, what's going on over there?'"

Cory: "We don't [only] want to use it as a home on that street for Providence to meet, but to operate in a way where that area is impacted by the the fact that we're there."

Cory and Leah have been described by friends from the church as "an amazing, Christlike, God-sent couple," "encouraging, devoted and gifted," and "compassionate and loving." If you're looking for a place to belong, this could be the home group for you! If you have kids, or not, married, in a relationship or single, and are not currently plugged into a group, check this one out! Their home group will be launched at 7PM on Thursday, June 5th at 3614 Village Grove Dr.