Vincent Mehdizadeh

Health Care Industry Entrepreneur

About Vincent Mehdizadeh

An entrepreneur, Vincent Mehdizadeh founded Medicine Dispensing Systems in 2010. The company manufactures prescription-drug vending machines that permit medical establishments to automate certain processes. The patented technology allows clinic managers to maintain control over inventory more easily and to ensure authorized distribution of medicine. In recent years, Vincent Mehdizadeh's company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Medbox, Inc., a publicly traded firm. The business' headquarters stand at 8439 West Sunset Boulevard, Suite 101, West Hollywood, California 90069.

Presently, Vincent Mehdizadeh helps lead Medbox as board chairman and chief operations officer. In these roles, his responsibilities include assembling the firm's executive team and developing new products that drive company revenue. Moreover, Mr. Mehdizadeh serves as the face of Medbox to the media. For instance, outlets like Fox Business, the Associated Press, National Public Radio, and Bloomberg TV have interviewed the executive, and newspapers ranging from the Wall Street Journal to the Los Angeles Times have featured Medbox in articles.

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