Virgin Galactic

By: Tanya Joseph and Swetha Tandri


What is virgin galactic?

The world's first commercial spacelines.

What is Virgin Galactic's Vision of the Future?

They believe that life in Earth will get better as a result of space exploration.

There will be a diversity of age and gender so there can be more relations to what astronauts do.

Because people in a variety of ages can go, kids especially can understand the functions of space and that will give them a head start on their careers.

Now this project is still in its infancy but we will soon know what is beyond our planetary borders and this will continue to be a source of inspiration for generations to come.

What a Virgin Galactic Spaceship would look in space

What careers are currently available and what do they do?

Some of the open jobs that are important in Virgin Galactic include Supplier Quality Engineer, Director of Human Resources, a Mechanical Design and Support Engineer, and many more.

The Supplier Quality Engineer makes sure that all the resources in the spaceships are in order.

The Director of Human Resources provides leadership, control, and authority over the Human Resource Team. They also should be capable on solving complex problem on resource supply.

The Mechanical Designer works on new, faster and efficient spaceships that provide comfort as well as safety.

Why does Virgin Galactic Believe that we should go into space?

Their philosophy is that humans have always dawned for exploration.

Even though we have satellites and space probes exploring new planets, we have the means to push the limits.

Some trained astronauts have been into space but everyone needs the right to know what it is like.

Their mission in their reasons is that all humans should see Earth from a different perspective and to admire the beauty of its resources.

How does Virgin Galactic SpaceShip two work?

This ship's capacity can carry up to 6 passengers and 2 pilots to a maximum of 328,000 feet of altitude, which is equivalent to 100,000 kilometers.

This is powered by a hybrid rocket motor and a liquid oxidizer.

Unlike SpaceShipOne, this ship can safely enter the Earth's atmosphere by mimicking other vehicles during certain points of its trajectory.

This vehicle is capable of being reusable; only motor fuel and oxidizer need to be replenished.

This is the only ship that was made so far that was exclusively for optimizing the experience of the passengers.

Spaceship Two flying
Spaceship Two shooting off

Some Facts about Human Space Flight:


There were only 547 people in space and Virgin Galactic wants to open that up for the rest of us.

Missions into space were usually government funded and costly.

There were very few countries that have people sent to space and had the idea that space travel was possible.


People from the age of 0-90 have already paid for the trip into space.

There are people coming from a diverse number of countries.

A Tragic Event that Happened Recently...

SpaceShipTwo was found broken on the Mojave Desert on October 31st, 2014.

One pilot was killed and the other was injured.

Co-Pilot launched the re-entry system too early. (Called Unique Feathering System)

This system makes the ship in a specific formation that gravity pulls it down slower.

After that event, people were unsure to use human pilots for the safety of the passengers.

What the crash looked like

What is white knight two?

WhiteKnightTwo is a custom-built, four-engine, dual-fuselage jet aircraft that is designed to carry SpaceShipTwo.

The signature design features are its twin fuselage configuration; single piece, carbon composite high main wing; and four jet engines.

The twin boom configurations allows for a spacious central attachment area between the two fuselages for SpaceShip 2.

Pilots fly the plane from the right fuselage, in the future, they are hoping they can improve and let the pilots sit the the cabin of either fuselage

The first White Knight 2, called Eve, completed a 4 and a half year flight test program.

White Knight 2 flying

How to get in touch

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