Fashion is not only a way to creatively express my personality and style, but how I choose to present myself. It's a form of art; it's imagining whatever you want and creating that image.

My Fashion Style: Casual Chic & Vintage

Emma Stone's casual but clean look.

My everyday go-to style is definitely casual-chic. I'm all about comfort and convenience, so if something doesn't feel right I just won't put up with it! Emma Stone does a great job of dressing for comfort but also not looking like too much of a slob.

Taylor Swift's vintage style.

When I feel like dressing more lady like, the first person I think of is definitely Taylor Swift. I love her vintage style, how she pairs high wasted skirts with long sleeve shirts, showing off her legs and waistline but keeping modest on her upper half. She is definitely not afraid of that pop of colour, pairing complimentary colours with each other to make a fashion statement.

3 Words That Describe Me

  1. Perfectionist: Whenever I'm doing a visual project, or heck, any project, I have to make sure it is my very best and satisfies my expectations. For example, my notes are super neat and colour coded, and I will go above and beyond to perfect a masterpiece of mine.
  2. Humble: After achieving great things, I am definitely not one to boast. I'm definitely more on the shy side, and would rather my accomplishments be kept to myself (well, maybe my mom too).
  3. Thankful: I am always so thankful for my circumstance. Even if it's bad, I always try to look at the bright side of things. Everyday I am thankful for the opportunity to live in a first world country (as I am reminded by my parents), for an abundance of food and water available to me, and the freedom of speech.

My Top 3 Influences

  1. Momma Huynh has always been my influence. She's an example of  someone who is selfless and caring. Her style is just like mine, casual, dainty, and whatever's in style at the moment. As you can see in this photo, she's definitely sticking to the fashion trends back in the '90.
  2. Ariana Grande always looks cute her oversized sweaters and knee high socks or boots. Add some leggings or pantyhose for modesty and theres a comfy outfit I'd wear everyday! Her fashion and hair are always on point, but her music is also always catchy. She sure does have a big voice for a little person!
  3. Taylor Swift is always on point with her style. She is the definition of a young and successful artist. Love her fashion sense and music.

I am definitely...

A fashion follower! I love keeping up with current trends and seeing what's "in" for the season!!

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3 years ago

Taylor is always on point w/ fashion!😎