Access Virus TI2

Desktop Synthesizer | $1750


This synthesizer will make any desktop proud! The TI Desktop features an all-metal enclosure with a wooden strip on the front. Loads of knobs and buttons give direct access to the most important sound shaping parameters. This range of instant access hands-on control will delight those who don't like menu diving. Like all other Virus TI synthesizers, a stereo analogue input offers the power to process external signals through the Virus' sound engine.

  • Condition: Like New
  • Brand: Access Music
  • Weight: ~ 11 lb.  
  • Features: Virus TI2 Desktop

Seller Notes:

Access Virus TI2 Desktop is in lightly-used, undamaged condition and suitable for most music producers and/or music studios.

Comes with original box (will find the manuals), power adapter + cable, and USB cord.

The reason for selling is that I haven't focused on music production in a while. Rather than it sit in a closet, I would love to have someone use it.

Prefer to sell to someone in Cleveland Area. I will ship only to Continental U.S. addresses. Cost of shipping is included in the price. Please contact me at with questions or use the form below.

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