Vishal Grover (San Francisco)

President and CEO of Systime Computer Corporation

About Vishal Grover San Francisco

Based out of San Francisco, Vishal Grover has dedicated over a dozen years to running SYSTIME. As its president & chief executive officer, Grover oversees a global business application firm with clients, offices and employees around the world. His responsibilities include overseeing profit and loss, business development & strategic alliances. Moreover, Vishal Grover led a dynamic team that grew the US Subsidiary 30 fold over a decade. His other accomplishments with these businesses include helping clients transition from client server based enterprise resource-planning solutions to next generation web systems and e-business programs by partnering with wireless and business-to-business software companies.

Prior to SYSTIME, Grover served as a management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, in San Francisco. The firm's clients included a power holding company that utilized his merger integration strategy to purchase two power plants. During the process, he performed intensive research into areas of power plant operations ranging from fuels and finance to work and asset management and information technology. Before joining this firm, Vishal Grover served as a systems architect for Ford Motor Company. He holds a bachelor of science in computer engineering from the University of Michigan.

WildAid Uncovers Unhindered Illegal Ivory Trade in Hong Kong

Vishal Grover is a respected San Francisco entrepreneur who serves as president and CEO of SYSTIME Computer Corporation. Passionate about protecting the natural environment, Vishal Grover of San Francisco supports WildAid, which takes a unique approach to conservation. The organization focuses on stopping illegal trade in products such as ivory, a practice that leads to the death of endangered elephants and rhinoceros.

With much ivory sourced in Africa, the end users of the product are largely based in Asia, where ivory has traditionally had cachet as an indicator of wealth. As reported recently by CNN, the illegal ivory trade has not stopped even under international pressure, with Hong Kong alone home to more than 400 legal ivory sellers.

While Hong Kong law stipulates that the materials sold must date to before 1989, when an international ban on the ivory trade went into effect, investigations by WildAid found that this legal trade was covering an extensive illegal trade. Undercover footage revealed ivory sellers joking about how simple it is to smuggle in new ivory, with strong demand coming from mainland China.

The consequences of this continued trade are dire. Without a profound change in attitudes, scientists predict that elephants living wild in Africa will become extinct within a generation.

WildAid Seeks to End the Ivory Trade with Its Ivory Free Campaign

San Francisco resident Vishal Grover manages client relations, profit and loss, and sales as the president and CEO of Systime Computer Corporation. Committed to animal protection, Vishal Grover is active with WildAid Charity, an organization that is dedicated to ending the illegal wildlife trade by reducing the demand for products derived from it.

In support of its mission, WildAid maintains several initiatives that focus on various animals and environmental needs around the world. One of the organization’s more recognizable campaigns is Be Ivory Free. Launched only a few years ago, the Ivory Free campaign is a part of WildAid’s elephant initiative and addresses the rapid decline in African elephant populations within the past few decades. In the ‘30s and ‘40s, around 4 million elephants lived in Africa, but the number has plummeted to just 470,000. Over 30,000 elephants are killed in Africa annually, and the Ivory Free campaign calls for an end to the ivory trade.

By enlisting the help of celebrities and recognizable names around the world, WildAid and Ivory Free spreads information about the ivory trade and its devastating impact on the African elephant population. Individuals who pledge to be Ivory Free agree to share their stance with others and work toward defunding the ivory trade. WildAid also seeks to close all “legal” ivory loopholes, primarily the allowance of ivory trade for ivory products dated before 1989. This loophole serves as a cover for illegally poached ivory products due to the difficulty in dating ivory pieces.

Traits of Great Business Leaders

The president and CEO of Systime Computer Corporation, an international JD Edwards and Oracle solutions provider, San Francisco-based executive Vishal Grover oversees the company’s profit and loss, general management, and international sales and marketing efforts. With a history of business leadership, Vishal Grover of San Francisco joined Systime from his position as a principal at PricewaterhouseCoopers and has since proven his strong leadership capabilities.

Although all business leaders have their own ways of doing things, they all share a few common attributes that help make them work effectively. Following are just a few of these traits:

- Good communicator. Great business leaders must also be great communicators. Without the ability to share visions, goals, or plans with others, a company’s operations can quickly stall. Leaders with good communication skills keep things moving smoothly by ensuring every member on their team understands their responsibilities and role within the company.

- Courageous. Running a business involves making difficult decisions and properly handling challenges as they arise, so leaders must be courageous enough to do what needs to be done. Effective leaders are not afraid to take necessary risks or fail — because they recognize that failure and risk are a part of finding business success.

- Takes responsibility. Accountability is an integral part of nearly any process, and when it comes to leading a business, the ability to take responsibility is incredibly important. Business successes find an entire team responsible, but failures fall exclusively on the leader. Great leaders accept this and do not shy away from taking responsibility for their mistakes.

New Residential Offerings at Yellowstone Club

As former vice chairman of the San Francisco-based CMS Group of Companies, Vishal Grover draws on more than 15 years of experience in the development and delivery of business technology solutions. Outside of his work, Vishal Grover enjoys golf on greens in San Francisco and beyond, holding a membership at Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana.

Set against the breathtaking peaks and vast alpine meadows of Big Sky, Yellowstone Club offers families a year-round destination for outdoor recreation and relaxation. The private community is renowned for its exquisite ski terrain and golf course, and its natural surroundings can accommodate a wide range of other outdoor activities, including kayaking, rock climbing, snowmobiling, and horseback riding.

Recent additions to Yellowstone Club include American Spirit, a community of lodges and cabins at the gateway to the club’s private ski slopes, and Alpine Greens, a new neighborhood that overlooks the club’s golf course from a vantage point of 7,500 feet.