Vish Prasad

An Accomplished College Administrator

About Vish Prasad

An academic with decades of experience, Dr. Vish Prasad helps develop the Wichita State University College of Engineering in his capacity as interim dean. Under his leadership, the college has hired more than 20 faculty members, which amounts to a 30 percent increase. Further, Vish Prasad has presided over a rise in diversity. For example, of the new hires mentioned above, two are Hispanic American, one is African American, and four are women. Complementing his administrative experience, he serves as professor of mechanical and energy engineering at the University of North Texas.

In preparation for his academic career, Dr. Vishwanath Prasad studied mechanical engineering at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware, where he secured his doctorate. Dr. Prasad also holds a master of technology in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. His educational background also includes training through the Leadership Academy at Florida International University, as well as seminars and presentations on matters ranging from management to entrepreneurship.

Outside of work, Dr. Vishwanath Prasad enjoys traveling throughout South America, Europe, and Asia.

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