Vivian Hartwell


Mesopotamia: An Advanced Society

Mesopotamia was not only the first civilization, it was the first advanced society. This place was filled with new ideas and creative inventions. First, they created the world's  first system of writing called Cuneiform. Rather than pens and paper, they used styluses and clay tablets to form detailed symbols. Students learned to read and write in school and some aspired to be scribes because of their high social class. This was considered one of the greatest cultural advances in history. Next, they invented the wheel. From the wheel, they made plows which improved their farming. The rich soil made the crops much better. Also, the wheel is incorporated into things we use today such as vehicles, toys, clocks, and other machinery. Finally, the Mesopotamians created irrigation, a system of canals and dikes made to control water. They used walls made out of clay called dikes to block flooding, and channeled canals to provide their crops with just the right amount of water. This was a very useful system. The Mesopotamians had creative ideas and inventions. Therefore, Mesopotamia was an advanced and innovative society!

Mesopotamia is found in the middle east where modern day Iraq currently is today.

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