my income+career goal investigation
by asiah northern
computer science class-period 6
completed:07 march 2014
description of my search

The results of my Vocational Choice Survey (A) showed that showed that I am Conventional, Enterprising, and Social. According to the College and Career (AA) handout the three career choices I made were TV Newscaster, Camp Director, and Travel Agent.

After consulting with my partner, I decided to look more closely at becoming a Travel Agent. Here is a link to the "Career Builder" link to the requirements for that career:


For me to complete my career goal I'm going have to finish high school and get into a great college. Next once I'm in college I would study pass exams and everything for my grades and Traveling degree. While I'm in college I will have a daily job to pay for my college fees. Once I graduated from college I'll go back to my home town to study and get ready for traveling school however, I'm in travel school so I would have at least some experience of traveling.

The income levels for a Traveling Agent are at the following link:


I want to work in South Africa, and I have a plan to attend IHG Agent University for both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Here is a link to the costs for tuition for IHG:

IHG Agent University

Here is a link for the Traveling Agents in South Africa for future Travel Agents :