By Rebecka McMorris, Taylor Steelman, Karen Lizama

How Pollution Affects Animals

How are oceans important to life?

80% of all animal life lives in the ocean and its important to protect them.

How Water Pollution Affects Marine Life

- Some pollutants have nutrients that increase algae growth that uses the oxygen that the animals need to survive

- An increase in pollution creates toxic chemicals that can kill the animals

- Oil spills can coat birds feathers, preventing them from keeping themselves warm or being able to fly. If they try to clean themselves, they end up swallowing oil  and it could poison them.

- If animals ingest plastic bags mistaking it for something else, it could block their digestive system

- Pollution is causing serious health issues in marine mammals such as nervous and digestive system issues, liver disease, reproductive malformations, and an alarming rate of cancer growth

How Air Pollution Affects Marine Life

- Acid rain is very dangerous to marine animals because the acid in the rain increases the acidity in the water, killing the fish

- Ozone pollution can cause issues in the lung tissue of many different animals

How Noise Pollution Affects Marine Life

- Noise pollution can cause issues for marine mammals such as dolphins and whales because of the increased ship traffic and offshore drilling. It messes with the communications of the mammals making it hard to communicate with each other and find food.

- Sonar communication underwater can cause cerebral hemorrhaging in whales leading to death. Also, because of the sonar communications, the whales try to get away from the noise, causing them to beach themselves

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