HD User Interface Kit for Retina iPhones & iPads

A whole bunch of UI goodness for $20 (or $10 if currently on sale)

I've designed an iPad3 UI Kit
to pay the rent.  Hope I make it!

I've designed a HD Retina User Interface Kit to sell to designers and hopefully, pay the rent. If you are a designer of mobile, tablet or web then this kit if probably interesting for you:

Professionally designed User Interface Elements for use with HD / Retina Tablets and Smartphones (i.e. ipads and iphones).  

Careful attention to detail, pixel-perfect adjustments, shape-layers and style-layers, packed in clearly labelled groups = professional delivery.  

High-resolution graphics means you get standard design resolution (exporting at 50%) or high-definition quality.  Futureproof your future projects.

The File (1 Layered CS5 PSD - below)

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