Welcome to Xzonia



Our government has a very participated rule. This means that when something bad happens in our society the government will always be there to help with the problem and prevent it from ever happening again. This government will allow Xzonians to also participate for rule but not that much. For example, Xzonians can vote for senators but not the head ruler of the society.


The weather would be exactly 65 degrees every day at night and in the the day. There will be some rain every other week.It will be partially cloudy almost all the time because there are some Xzonians that hate the sun's heat.


The Xzonians would wear different clothes that are fashionable. People can express themselves but they better look good doing it. These clothes would include dresses, blouses, sweaters, yoga pants, jeans, scarfs, bows and other girly things for the girls and for the guys there would be sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts, jeans, shorts and more.

These are the homes in Xzonia.

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