A Hundred Years and Counting

There are many times I consider myself lucky, but now, I consider myself blessed - blessed enough to witness how great it is to be a part of the Church of Christ, blessed to be a part of such a monumental event that will be defied through ages and history, and of course blessed to witness what the Church has accomplished, all because of the Almighty God.

I was never special, but I felt somewhat special because of this. It's not because of the awesome fireworks display that blew my mind, nor the gorgeous, enormous Philippine Arena right before my very eyes, nor the fact that I am one of the sea of people who were present in Ciudad de Victoria when July 27 finally kicked off, but because I felt humbled and proud at the same time, knowing that I am standing with my fellow brethren with tears falling and hearts thanking The Lord for his never ending  grace and mercy. Never in my life will I ever forget that overwhelming feeling of security and pure happiness.

How the Iglesia ni Cristo stood firmly despite the criticism and judgment is an epitome of how life has always been difficult, but if God is with us, there is nothing to be afraid of. Come a hundred years, might as well forever.