A misleading ad from Stacey Stout

This flyer by Stacey Stout is an ad that is supposed to influence you that Peter Fischer is the wrong choice for state representative. The Republican party of Minnesota paid for the ad. This ad is very negative overall. The negative words, the creepy picture of Fischer, the bad apples, ugly colors, and scratched up chalk board all accomplish the negative tone.

This ad could be effective to some people, but ineffective to others. It depends on a persons intelligence and if they care about education or not. The ad states that Fischer “voted to lower teacher standards … our children are falling behind.” To some people this may be enough to be effective, however to others they might realize there is not enough information to even conclude a judgement, therefore it would be ineffective.

This ad is citing the law "H.F. No. 2397." The ad leaves out facts of the law which could lead you to believe it is a bad thing, when in reality it is not that bad. Also the ad says “our children are falling behind.” This is not related to the law at all. There are some ambiguous words the ad uses such as “children are falling behind.” What does “falling behind” refer to and how is this related to the law? They are not connecting it to facts, just symbols. This ad is very based off of ethos. It is a very misleading ad.

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